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CNC Press Brake flexible processing unit attend the 2019 Xiamen Industry Exposition

CNC Press Brake flexible processing unit attend the 2019 Xiamen Industry Exposition

The 23rd cross-strait machinery and electronics fair, which will be held in Xiamen in 2019, will be held from April 12 to April 15. At the exhibition site, our company has brought some star products s...

The operation attention of Hydraulic CNC Press Brake machine


The operation attention of Hydraulic CNC Press Brake machine

1.Strictly abide by the machine operator safety operation procedures, according to the demarcation wearing labor protection equipment.

2.Before starting, check whether the motor, switch, line and ground are normal and firm, and check the equipment's operating position and button are in the accurate position.

3.Check the consistency and consistency of the upper and lower molds;Check whether the positioning device meets the processing requirements.

4.When the upper slide and each positioning axis are not in the state of origin, run back to the origin procedure.

5.Empty operation for 1-2 minutes after the start of the equipment, and 2 to 3 times for the full travel of the upper skateboard. If any abnormal sound or malfunction is found, park the vehicle immediately and remove the fault, and work after everything is normal.

6.One person should work under the same direction, so that the control staff and feed pressing staff close and close coordination, to ensure that the cooperation staff in a safe position will be issued bending signals.

7.The sheet material must be compacted when bending, to prevent the sheet material from sticking up when bending.

8.Adjust the platen pressure mold must be shut off power supply, after the operation.

9.When changing variable down gear, do not allow any material and down mold contact.

10.When machine tool works, machine tool hind does not allow station person.

11.It is strictly forbidden to press the folding sheet separately at one end.

12.If the workpiece or mold is found wrong during operation, it shall be corrected by parking, and manual adjustment is strictly forbidden to prevent hand injury.

13.It is prohibited to fold extra thick iron sheet or quench hardened steel plate, high-grade alloy steel, square steel and sheet material beyond the capacity of the plate bending machine to avoid damage to the machine.

14.Always check up and down the mold consistency;Whether the pressure gauge instructions conform to the demarcation.

15.Shut down immediately when abnormal happens, check the cause and eliminate it in time.

16.Before shutting down, wood block should be placed on the lower die below the oil cylinder on both sides to lower the upper slide onto the wood block.

17.Exit the control system first, then plug the power supply.


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