Hybrid Press Brake

Q: For the Hybrid / Hydraulic CNC Press Brake, How the Mechanical Crowning Work?

A: Two triangular slant blocks compensate the middle deformation of metal plate during bending, under the action of drawing and pushing of WILA compensation motor

Q: For the Hybrid CNC Press Brake, does Servo Motor need to match a Reducer?

 A: No, it doesn’t need the Reducer.

Q: For the Hydraulic Press Brake Machine, How to change the front and back position of the double V bottom die

 A: Follow the Bottom die guide rail, pull out the bottom die, change the position, and then install the bottom Die along the guide rail

Note: The center of upper die tip and bottom die V groove has been aligned to the center point ( so- called mold alignment) in advance, this procedure will be finished in the middle of the alignment of the Press Brake Machine.

Q: For the Hydraulic/ Hybrid Press Brake Machine, what’s the purpose of the motor behind the machine rack?

A: The motor is the heart of the machine, it can drive the oil pump and the machine running.

Q: How long of the every standard mold of the Press Brake Machine?

A: It’s 835mm. Every length of the segment is 100 ( left ear), 10, 15, 20, 40, 50, 200, 300, 100 ( right ear), unit is mm.

Note: These segment are professional for box-bending and can meet other segmented requirements.

Q: How many types of the bottom dies of the CNC Press Brake Machine?

A: Single V, Double V, Three U and Four V, they can meet different processing requirements.

Q: In the processing of the CNC Hydraulic / Hybrid Press Break, If want to let the bend angle larger than 90 degree, which upper die i can choose?

A: Well, you need use 88°upper die

Q: In the CNC Hydraulic / Hybrid Press Brake, what does the scale on the hydraulic clamping mean?

A: It means single point of compensation

Q: What is petrol-electric hybrid drive system?

A: It’s a Integrated servo pump system, servo pump drive the oil pump and machine will run.

After treading the pedal switch, the servo motor starts to drive the oil pump to drive the machine.

After releasing the pedal switch, the servo motor stops driving the oil pump and the machine stops running.

Q: What’s advantage of petrol-electric hybrid drive system and Hybrid CNC Press Brake?

A: 1. High efficiency & energy saving, oil tank capacity reduced by 70% .2. Fast-performance & duty cycle reduction 10%.3. Compared with the traditional system, energy efficiency 50% up.4. Positioning accuracy of precision up to 5μm.5. Integrated servo pump, lower-noise at work.6. Integrated pressure filters ensures high stability and long service life.

Q: Can data from the bending machine / CNC Press Brake be transmitted to the office computer in real time

A: Yes, Use our press brake machine

Q: For the micro Sheet Metal CNC Press Brake, what’re its advantages?

A: Well, the servo motor drive the oil pump, Cylinder with a special structure, so its approaching speed could not be affected by the upper beam weight. Large size heavy duty linear Guide ensure upper beam running smoothly.


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