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Cautions in the Use of Pittsburgh Lock Machine

2019-04-25 17:01:58

Cautions in the Use of Pittsburgh Lock Machine

Pittsburgh Lock Machine is a kind of multi-functional and varied machine, which can satisfy various types of shape manufactured by air duct. The processing thickness is 0.3-1.5mm. Pittsburgh Lock Machine can be changed freely according to customer's requirements. All gears and axle rollers of machinery are made of high quality steel. 

Through high frequency, carburizing, quenching and other processes, the machine is durable and the quality is stable. The ultra-light Pittsburgh Lock Machine designed by our company is easy to handle and can meet the different needs of users. 

The new type of button-type Pittsburgh Lock Machine has the characteristics of easy installation and beautiful appearance. The multi-function Pittsburgh Lock Machine can be replaced or configured according to the above form only with standard mother machine. The number of the rollers should be marked except for * when ordering.

Pittsburgh Lock Forming Machine

                                                    LC-12DR Pittsburgh Lock Machine

Cautions in the Use of Pittsburgh Lock Machine

1. Before use, the debugging of feeding guide should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of equipment debugging, and the feeding guide should be fixed after being adjusted to the specified position and size. If the actual position of the feed guide rail is less than the prescribed position size, the bite will not form. If the position size is larger than the prescribed size, the bite size will exceed the tolerance due to too wide feeding, which will result in two sheets unable to bite or waste material. If the feeding guide rail is seriously skewed, it is easy to produce the deviation defect of uneven bite width before and after.

2. In operation, when foreign body enters the roller, the machine should be stopped and repaired in time.

3. It is strictly forbidden to touch the rotating rollers with hands. When hand feeding to the end, the finger must leave the workpiece.

4. In the midway of rolling forming of sheet metal, it is not allowed to reverse in commutation. Otherwise, the machine or motor will be damaged. In case the sheet metal gets stuck in the midway, the machine should be stopped immediately, the power supply should be disconnected, the upper roller combination frame should be dismantled, and the sheet metal should be taken out.

5. When working, if abnormal phenomena are found, the machine must be stopped and checked, so that the machine can not work with fault.

6. After operation, the power supply should be cut off, the cabinet should be locked, and the daily maintenance work should be done well.

7. Adjustment of radial reserved clearance of upper and lower forming rollers requires not only proper tightening, but also consistency. If the reserved clearance is too small, the feeding is difficult, even after forced feeding, the bite cracks seriously. If the reserved clearance is too large, the shape of the bite is irregular or the sheet slips between the forming rollers. When using stainless steel or aluminium plate to bite, the radial reserved clearance should be adjusted larger than that required by the same thickness steel plate, otherwise, the equipment will be overloaded or the bite will crack.

8. The thickness of bite plate should be within the stipulated range of products of various specifications. If the thickness is less than the minimum thickness, the bite is prone to crack, wrinkle and other defects. If the thickness is larger than the maximum thickness and the square of the thickness of the sheet metal is proportional, the abnormal damage of forming rollers, overload of transmission system and stuffy car will be caused by the obvious increase of bending force.

9. The processing ability of the biting machine is designed according to the processing of ordinary steel plate. The common thin steel plate, galvanized steel plate and plastic composite steel plate all have good biting formability.The strength of stainless steel sheet is higher than that of common steel sheet. Before biting with stainless steel sheet, first of all, forming experiments should be done to avoid overloading the equipment and causing excessive wear or mechanical accidents.Because of the poor plasticity of aluminium sheet, it is easy to crack when biting is formed. Forming test should be done before construction. At the same time, because of the lack of elasticity of aluminium sheet, the air duct of aluminium sheet can not carry out button biting.

10. The minimum length of the plate bite section should not be less than 300 mm. Otherwise, due to too little contact between the sheet metal and the forming roll, the horizontal resistance of the plate bite is greater than the friction force of the sheet metal feeding forward, which makes the sheet metal skid between the rollers and accelerates the wear of the forming part of the roll.

 LC-12 Pittsburgh lock machine

                                                   LC-12 Model

Maintenance of Pittsburgh Lock Machine

1. Frequent maintenance: after the equipment is used, iron scraps and debris adhering to the equipment should be cleaned up in time. If the equipment is not used for a long time, anti-rust oil should be added to the surface of the roller in the 2-bit rolling device.

2. Monthly maintenance: Check regularly whether the belt is loose or not in the motor box, and add lubricant to other transmission mechanisms; Check regularly whether the connecting parts are loose or not

3. Long-term care: regularly clean and lubricate the whole equipment, and check the transmission mechanism, whether the rolling device is damaged, timely adjustment and maintenance.

Note:Maintenance 1,2 are performed by operators and 3 by full-time personnel and operators.

Shapes of Pittsburgh Lock Machine

                              Shapes of Pittsburgh Lock Machine


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